Steam Loss Calculator


Steam Loss Data
Average Size of Leak (dia.):  in. Hours/Day:   # bad traps*:  
Steam Pressure:  psi Days/Year:   Steam Cost:    $/1000lb


*NOTE: estimates of total number of traps leaking in a system are as follows:
if no trap survey and maintenance performed: 50% of total plant traps leak,
if trap survey and maintenance performed annually: 25% of total plant traps leak,
if survey and maintenance performed quarterly: 9-12% leak,
if trap survey & maintenance performed monthly: 3% leak.


Steam Loss Calculations
Amount Lost:  lbs/hr X  hrs/day =   lbs/day
Daily Cost:  lbs/day X  steam cost =   cost/day
Total est. Loss per Year:  cost/day X  days/year =   loss/year
Annual Loss:  # traps X  loss/year =   annual loss